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Dany Silva is a Cape Verdean musician, singer and songwriter. He was born in Praia in Santiago and has been living in Portugal since the 60’s. As one of the pioneers of the Lusophone music, his songs are part of our collective imaginary and his influence still reaches the newest generation of musicians.


In 1978 he records his first single “Feel Good”. In 1981 he releases his fist single in Portuguese, the joyful “Branco Velho, Tinto e Jeropiga”. Another single follows, “Já estou Farto” and the maxi single “Crioula de S. Bento”.


His first album, “Lua Vagabunda”, goes back to 1986 and includes songs such as “Banhada” and “Lua ‘Nha Testemunha”. In 1991 follows his second LP, “Sodadi Funaná” which brought us songs like “Bernardo”, “Caminho de S. Tomé” and “Mamã África”. In 1994 he releases “Crioulas de S. Bento - As melhores de Dany Silva”.


In 2007 Dany decided to get back in the recording studios. In collaboration with Barry Marshall he produces two albums that are recorded between the United States and Portugal.


The first one of those albums, “Caminho Longi”, was released on June 23rd 2008 and brought us 10 original songs of Cape Verdean influence.


The second album was released in 2018, just in time for the celebration of his 40 year career anniversary:  it’s entitled “Canções da Minha Vida” and is not only a collection of his career’s biggest hits, but it also includes a series of new songs that “I did not write nor record, but… that I wish I did”. And he actually ended up doing it.


The presentation of “Canções da Minha Vida” takes place the following year, on June 8th 2019, in a sold out Tivolli BBVA, counting with the participation of special guests such as Nancy Vieira, Luís Represas, Katia Guerreiro and Rui Veloso.