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Lukewaarm may be an unfamiliar name but it is certainly one to memorise. Lukewaarm is not only cool, not only hot but certainly both. Lukewaarm is Beatriz Gomes, one of the names that stood out on the show "La Banda" and who is now back, to debut, big time, with her first single "Filmes".

"Filmes" is the materialization of a growing process that promises not to stop there and that started almost in the cradle. Daughter to a musician, she grew up in her father's rehearsals, listening to music, listening and visiting radios and it was difficult for the "bug" not to stay there. Obviously it did. She plays the piano, had three years of guitar lessons, had singing lessons and attended the conservatory. The future was there for all to see.  


And so this release was the obvious path after all the steps Beatriz had climbed during the last years. In"Filmes", Lukewaarm presents the first lyrics she wrote. A lyric that portrays a first love, a teenage love full of "movies" in the head of the intervening parties that always end up shaping the future of the relationship. A story that anyone has been through and that will be easy to identify with.    

"Filmes" is the first chapter of this story by Lukewaarm and that will have new developments soon.