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Miguel Núñez is, since 1986, pianist and musical director of the renowned singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés. He is also, since 1998, director, pianist, arranger and composer of the "Miguel Núñez Trio". In his last year of college, he began working with Pablo Milanés and, within a year, became his musical director. Since then, in addition to several live shows worldwide, he started to participate in the production of his albums. Becoming more and more a fundamental member of Milanés' band, he performed in the country's most emblematic theatres and cultural centres.

Since 1986, he has participated in jazz festivals as a soloist and with several projects. Until he founded, in 1998, the "Miguel Núñez Trio", a group that combines Caribbean rhythms and jazz, and where he is also director, arranger, keyboardist and composer. The other members of the group are Osmani Sánchez (drums) and Luis Ángel Sánchez (bass). The "Miguel Núñez Trio" has performed in concerts at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Casa de las Américas, Teatro Amadeo Roldán, Casa del Alba, Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza, CUBADISCO, as well as, in concerts in Pinar del Río and Bayamo. Miguel Núñez has been highly active abroad, especially with Pablo Milanés, having performed in over 30 countries.  

As a composer, he has written music for piano, piano and orchestra, symphony orchestra, bassoon and piano, and flute and piano. He has composed music for documentaries and fiction films, among them the Argentine-Cuban co-production, "Finalmente", "Al Fin el mar", where he won the best soundtrack award at the Trieste Festival (Italy); the Cuban-Spanish co-productions "Siempre Habana" and "Páginas del Diario de Mauricio" and the main theme of the Cuban film "Habanastation". He wrote the music for "Tocororo," a ballet piece written and choreographed by Carlos Acosta (principal dancer of the Royal Ballet of London) and for "La Leyenda del agua grande," a ballet piece by choreographer Eduardo Blanco of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba.