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"Norton is a Portuguese band formed in Castelo Branco in 2002. It has four records of originals and two remix albums, highlighting their tours in Europe and Japan". The beauty of Wikipedia's concise utility has its charm. A little more than 30 words and the summary of a lifetime of songs is made, in the style of the "here and now", immediacy, and five seconds of attention.

The "problem" is that, to sum up Norton's path, a lot is missing from those 30 words. It lacks the real weight of the history of a band with 17 years of stories; it lacks diving into the soul of each of the songs from the four original records, the two remix albums and the record that arrives in 2020, the fifth one. It lacks, of course, the people who are Norton. Rodolfo Matos, Pedro Afonso, Leonel Soares and Manuel Simões did not just build a band, record records and go around playing them. They have created a relationship of love with those who listen to them, with those who share their songs, with those who see them never stagnate without denying their origins, tastes, influences or tendencies.

Indie pop, galactic rock, electronics, the dance floor or the four walls of a teenage room painted of tears, sweat and smiles of summer loves. Telling the story of Norton, a Portuguese band formed in Castelo Branco in 2002, is to tell the story of a generation of musicians who opened paths, conquered audiences from north to south and leapt borders with great songs and much passion. The data, the dates, the numbers, are all there, in Wikipedia, just below the 30-word summary. Accurate, useful, concise. The rest - what was and what's still to come - is on every record, every song, every concert, every tour, every person who listens to them, sings and dances with them.

Sérgio Felizardo