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SINCE 1976

Trovante is a group of reference in the Portuguese music scene that followed the Revolution of April 25th 1974. It all began in 1976, in Sagres, on a beach summer day when a group of friends got together to sing.


In 1977, “Chão Nosso” marks Trovante’s official beginning. A year later the group releases its second LP – “Em Nome da Vida”. Between 1977 and 1980 they collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Portuguese music scene: Zeca Afonso, Adriano Correia de Oliveira, Fausto, Vitorino and Sérgio Godinho.


In 1981 Trovante released “Baile do Bosque”, reaching sales that surpassed a Silver Record. Two years later follows “Cais das Colinas” an album with the collaboration of Carlos Tê and Sérgio Godinho, which the greatest hit was the song “Saudade”. That same year, in May 28th, Trovante presents its first major live show at Aula Magna.


1984 is, without a doubt, Trovante’s greatest year, giving name to their fifth LP. Released in May, “94” would reach number one in charts by June.


In 1986, Trovante release their album “Sepes”, which forces the group to return to Coliseu and to extend their 10th Anniversary celebration to Coliseu do Porto.


“Terra Firme”, their 1988 album, would become an historical record for the group, reaching the status of Gold Record. In September they sold out Campo Pequeno. and the show gave place to a live album which sales surpassed those of a Platinum Record.


In 1990 the group gets back together to record a new album. “Um destes dias” is released on November and reaches the status of Gold Record before Christmas. This album jumpstarts a national tour that begins in May 1991, celebrating their 15 Year Anniversary.


In October 1991 Trovante release a collection entitled “Saudades do Futuro”, a double record comprised by the group’s greatest hits. By the end of that same year they decide to put an end to their musical activity


After their dissolution in 1991, Trovante reunited for the first time in 1999, upon the 25 Years Commemorations of the April Revolution. From there forth Trovante reunited in four other occasions: in 2006, in Campo Pequeno; in 2010 at Rock In Rio; in 2011 with 5 shows that celebrated their 35 Years Career Anniversary ; and in 2015 at Festas do Mar.


Trovante’s members are: Artur Costa, Fernando Júdice, João Gil, João Nuno Represas, José Martins, José Salgueiro, Luís Represas and Manuel Faria.